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Fethullah gülen hoca efendinin hayatı

1941 Birth Year

Fethullah Gülen, the official population register by April 27 1941, Erzurum province, Hasankale (Pasinler) District, was born in the village of Korucu.

Started in 1945 to learn the Qur'an

4 years old, his mother and began to learn the Qur'an and the Koran in a short time has hatmet.

'My mother had the first but my coach. Four years on my own tell me that the Koran taught to read. Within a month will tell hatmet. I do not remember hatmet. However, they give food to all the villagers. Someone for me 'Your wedding is the' he said. I was embarrassed, I cried. "

Primary school was started in 1946

'About that time, the village had no primary school. Are available at this time the mosque adjacent to the madrasas, were used as classrooms. He kids, night, old men and women were there to teach literacy. He watched from the window is the status of the elderly-headed people would laugh. Very strange if I would come. Age does not keep my first year at school did not receive me. I still keep going to school when I was age, but was continued. I went to school two or three years. "

Primary school days and the remaining half in 1949 Education

His father in 1949 and is imam of the village of Alvar family moved there, was forced to leave because the elementary school and later completed his outside.

'After reading the two and a half years of school left. My father went to Imam as we Alvar'a family moved there. I did not even go to a school. A call came to Korucu. This woman saw me and the teachers' fourth grade I had you 'he said. But he did not benefit of this gesture. I did not go to school. Later elementary school, I graduated with a trial outside in Erzurum. "

1951 Hafızlık Studies

Her father took lessons in Arabic and Hocaefendi'den Ramiz hafızlık completed.
'Domestic and animals could find the time to shepherd could do much memorization. Despite this good work could memorize the days until the half cuz. Already it was not possible to find the time write. I completed my O hıfız winter. " (My Little World)

'I am hafiz and do in my life among hafızlık to two def. One, on odd years old, my father had done. For some reason never got to stand on because I had completely forgotten. Then again, four months, the 1980s became hafiz. But I truly have to tell ripeness that her new horizons in every okuyuş, seems to have discovered new continents. Give her heart the same way you think everyone would think. Will allow that, as mânâya familiar to those who follow the divine purpose, and some-I mentioned earlier-concentration in a serious manner read. (Prizma-4, November 2003) '

1952 Hasankale Days

In the Hacı Hasankale'de Sıtkı Efendi took lessons tecvit. And four years starting in 1951 that the Koran at the age of 10 he completed hafızlık by hıfzet.

'The first time that summer, to read the house and was exempted from the field work. Because my father, an entity known as Hasankale'de near Hacilar Sıtkı drill master and take to read and tecvit was delivered. But every day is not my place to stay Hasankale'de go Alvar'dan I had to come. At that time, ten years and every day 7-8 miles way I had come to go on foot. "

Arabic Courses begin from Germany in 1954 was Lord Sadi

Fethullah Gülen, Kurşunlu Mosque in Erzurum in the madrasas of Alvar Imam (Muhammad Lutfi Holiness) began to read the lesson from the master Sadi grandchildren. Two and a half months Emsile, Building and Merah'ı text was read by memorizing. The display has finished. See the need to read and not Câmi'ye Kafi Mullah began.

'Alvar Imam my dad' I will read absolutely said. And the grandson of Imam Alvar me, age 5 or 6 years older than me by the hand of the Lord gave Sadi.

Sadi was a human master is clean and regular. However, age was too young and inexperienced. I started from scratch. 2.5 months Emsile, buildings and Merah'ı text was read by memorizing. Then I graduated to display. Did not see the need to read and my rhyme was a year ago started to demand the Molla Mosque. "

Grandma and grandpa died in 1954 of 10 January

Munise the beginning of 1954, ladies and grandfather grandmother of one hour network with Shamil died.
Munise an hour or so before your wife died from her husband Shamil Aga etmiştir. Long term patients are lying. The death of five-ten minutes before the bride takes abdest with the help of Râfiâ Hanım. Will face the afternoon prayers. Then the husband can mean: 'The two of us our portion of the world get full. Will stay in the funeral home tonight 'der. And lips kopā last wail of 'Allah' is the word. In the other room and the way the network is robust Shamil. No there's no complaints. While busy with your wife's funeral Evdekiler Munise, break room than a shriek. One grandson 'My grandfather is dead' as is crying. Both remain in the funeral home that evening. But the next day are buried. The cemetery is located in the graves Korucu Village.
Fethullah Gülen's grandma and grandpa in the event of death explained:

'I was thoroughly shaken an incident occurred. I was probably reading Merah. Medresesi of friends, I try to hide their pain and in a story that I heard while talking muttali. My grandfather and my grandmother had passed away. World in my head was destroyed. I was very shaken. After reading I went off course. Of course, never grow to the funeral ..
Şamil Dedem that I was a part of my life, my grandmother Munise that would like to live without, could not even imagine. But now, both with and between an hour had passed. I will stand this suffering How, how this Hicran going to tolerate. " (My little world) '

Erzurum Talebelik Days in 1955

The left side of Sadi Efendi Mosque Madrasah Kurşunlu and madrasas in the next 6 months until the Mosque of Kemha read. Then left and went Taşmescid'e. In case of a derelict room with Ahmediye Mosque by creating their own opportunities with a friend named Zinnur had settled there. Osman Bektaş here to take lessons from teachers başladı.Edirne going to stay here until it was always.

'Sadi eventually Efendi was unrest between the U.S. one, I have no other choice to leave the madrasas. 'Sadi Efendi left side of the mosque next to the Kemha went to madrasah. I had only one thought as things already. Five-six friends were staying in these madrasas. If one guest comes, would not be our place to sleep.

Sadi, the left side of the Lord's side went to Osman Bektaş Hoca. Osman Hoca in canon law was indeed master. Müftülük Already a müstefti (verdict want to ask) if, at that time send the mufti who is loyal and Osman Hoca Efendi caretaker would then call müftülük. A man who was too much work. Facilities also started from the display iyiydi.Osman Hoca me. After reading one or two courses' Molla Fethullah! You should not be engaging in this course. You read the mosque said. "

The first sermon 14 years old Verdi

Fethullah Gülen Qur'an and Arabic to continue without a break since the small collection is 12 years old was hafiz. Yet 14 years old and in Erzurum in 1955, while demand for madrasas to give sermons Korucu began in the villages and Alvar. First experience in this matter from their hatırat then transferred from the pen of Nazlı Ilıcak go.

'14-15 years, a little bit because of my father wants me to exercise during the month of Ramadan sermon was in our village. Enver name very intelligent, open mâneviyâta as I know I had an uncle. My uncle is walking behind me while walking in the street, careful not to move my front, and we were treated very respectfully. One day, 'Uncle, I said, I'd be very touched, so do not! " On me, 'Son, I said,' who has visited obeisant. I do not hear that people respect you do not accept that! "

My uncle, and his nephew as the years of my childhood, although in deference to counsel va'z u to respect me, I did not ever get out of my mind. I also believe will be useful to people for the same things my friends tried to pay attention to. " (Broken Test)

'Day, the holy night, the Friday sermon on the pulpit and the people that go against, and of course a great father, Ramiz Efendi and listened with admiration, and can listen. Never forget what you are talking out of the mosque. His mother asks him word for word told to listen. It was another evening of Ramadan. Mother of seven with a rush to cook the Iftar meal and immediately went to the mosque. A little later his father would come and Alvarlı'lara appeal. Fethullah, like his father would only talk to him all in the spirit as it was prepared to listen.

Yet in 14 years. In Erzurum in the collection of Imam tavassut Alvar goes on, learned Arabic and was new. Alvar village mosque for the first eşraf from the Kazım Efendi was one of those days. There was a strange case. In a way that people look to Fethullah was surprised. A little later a mosque began stuffing. Kazım Efendi, one has legs. He had a turban. Father to start the sermon was walking towards the waiting Fethullah. He looked in amazement Kazım Efendi Fethullah. Kazım Efendi, the head of Fethullah placed in the hands of the turban. His arm was not invited to the dais holding ... Fethullah and remained frozen. The inside of the father, the birth of the baby, to crawl, to walk knows, how to talk to religious communities would be a whole? Kazım Efendi, was not interested in these questions and excitement of Fethullah. He kept his arm, took me and hugged drag and has sat on the bench. It was an emr-i come that does not appeal Fethullah these events and the fate of his line was the beginning of the sermon. His father came to the eye and the eyes. Ramiz Efendi had also amazed. Try not to swallow the excitement of the speech is expected to Fethullah. Fethullah, you first have trouble hearing. Was opened immediately, and gave a great sermon. 14-year-old community with that child's sermon was slop. Some people have come to the case will almost pass out.

Fethullah Gülen, the next day, the talebelik During his every opportunity; Alvar'da, you're in the village Korucu gave sermons. Erzurum, except ... After the first sermon in a new direction Alvar'daki life began to go into. The next year in the month of Ramadan with his father insists that I decided to get out of Erzurum. During Ramadan Amasya, Tokat and Sivas has browse by. Was the sermon. Fethullah Gülen attention to the sermons of some mufti to allow some of the very young age is also suggested to give up this love was not recommended. Fethullah stable. He knew they would play on the road. Also suffered from Sivas to Erzincan by then returned to Erzurum. First output from this country that has lead to the development of a capability. After the sermon he read of the environment, private chats with people made literate. This chat him, Korucu, and Erzurum, such as Alvar always in familiar surroundings, with each other have the same information, except the people who carry the same mood, with different information and people thought that was taught. During a chat one of these to rest, Mehmet Akif Ersoy was encouraged to read the Safahat'ını. Gülen, has memorized half of Safahat in return to Erzurum. (Evening, Nazlı Ilıcak; 20 March 1998)

Kazım Efendi was the first time preaching to encourage
'Kazım Efendi, Alvar Imam connected to the hair and beard, he went on pilgrimage in the transfer man, if one of them was 3-4.

Coach always found in the council. Maybe the old culture very much familiar with the book read it, but I have no information about. The son had. In that period it made them regular. Back to the People's Party in the period used to wrap turban. 2 sons also was young, used to wrap their turban. Weft and the wrap would scarf.

According to him before the sermon to the 'I'll remove you to sermons on not. Do you also do not know it was something my father talking. Or is my father was offered? I do not know a thing come to be hilafına course.

I had my first sermon. Maybe my own efforts to work with. I started to work in Arabic from the time something to look at books like Dürretü'l-Vaiz too. There are books in my father, I have written to look at every word of the book look lügata edges. So I also had a mümarese.
My legs did not grow to the lectern. So go on first reading was the year. He was ahlâken regular person. Later, the party also saw that it: My father, although it is very thin people read Hatim me at home. Koran because I was reading. Then he separated from Erzurum After I got the money from Hatim was always Hicran. Returning with an opportunity to endow such Cenab-ı Hakk'ın until I can be determined from the first people who get the money I've read that Hatim know that I put into envelopes to be returned within what extent did. My brother was also sent by them Hasbi. I wrote a paper in the envelope of the mosque know. Hasbi there (Erzurum) because you do not know what the poster is going to matter, and 'Get the envelope, my brother sent. It is not permissible to take money from the job he has conviction 'he says.

This job can be during my military service. Appeals are. 'Very large man came here, are gone. Does this invention that out. " say. Kazım Aga that is still up there, more alive 'by Jove, there he was to do a full self-worthy. If this is done it already 'he says. And people do not appeal anymore. (From your own memories)

Spiritual Coach Alvarlı Efe 12.03.1956 Grace (d. 1868) died

Muhammad Lutfi Efendi (Imam of Alvar) died.
'One of the events of my life the most jarring is the death of Imam Alvar. I found that day was Alvar'da. Remember that was tea-time. Hall outstretched on the couch, I was resting. Suddenly I heard a voice slightly. This sound would be more accurate to say not scream. The roar that my ears screaming 'Efe died' was yell. I immediately threw my place. I ran to get my jacket. Efe's house towards Holiness, we understand the pain was real; Efe was really dead.

When Hazrat Imam of Alvar know can not tell. Because when I opened my eyes to life, and he's thirsty mouth to the sherbet as many hearts, my father and mother that I found at the beginning of dupduru resources. I also can not comprehend Him because He is beyond time to emigrate, I my life yet, on the sixth year I was walking on the slopes. Despite this, the first consciousness, and the first call to ihsas a spirit of that, I closed it idrake years I and my head rather than capability, Him again in His condescension was captured, I was trying to recognize and present, discernment, duyuş and feel that day ihsas owe anything to I can easily tell. "

Risale-i Nur, the diagnosis was in 1957 and went to different places sermon

In the next year from talebelik Erzurum'da Muzaffer Arslan Bediüzzaman'ın to participate in the chat and you will recognize the tractate back not to participate in the chat. Ramadan occasion Amasya, Tokat and Sivas, and chats by making the move gave the sermon was.

'Fortieth teachers, me, Selahattin and Hatem next to one of Grace Bediüzzaman came to the evening to make the chat, go there,' he said. We immediately accepted his offer. Because next Bediüzzaman'ın the first time a human would see. This is very attractive for us and was a genuine incident.

Mehmet came to the exhibit's tailor shop. This is a little more than two rugs were large. The first night or second night there in my mind that some of the remaining names, Mehmet Sevket Eygi, and Osman Demirci is Keşafoğlu Esat. Şevket Eygi the backup was subaylık. At that time was a lieutenant Keşafoğlu Esad. Bediüzzaman Holiness, Muzaffer Arslan to the 'then a song came through said he Sivas, Erzincan and Erzurum had come to move on. Remained until 15 days in Erzurum. The first night-i Sitte Hücumat has been read. The fifth course was held the next day from now. Some of us from the mullah, they were protesting the gloss, and you did not come. But I was told was a good wind. Muzaffer Arslan's a life experience Sahabe particular, the simplicity and sincerity would affect me much. I already had a human lover Sahabe. You see, here between the people I have found, and I said I did not even consider leaving.

Muzaffer Arslan's trousers were patched in the two series. According to him there was the jacket. Of course, this simplicity was inspired feelings apayrı me. There was also deep in worship. Prayer churches, pray had me look completely different. Class came and went with one of those Çiğdem Zeki Efendi had Bakkal. He went to pray my very nice. Yürekten would love to pray. I do not know how much time has passed, but I would think a short period. Üstad'dan got a letter to Erzurum. 'Who addressed the letter was written? To whom this letter was dictated Maestro ' I do not remember. But the name had sent greetings. Finally, we also salute was trying to Hatem with Fethullah. I was referred to the steps where you do the footwork was interrupted thought he was so happy. He is very happy in my life, my very few come. Now where that letter, from one of him and I do not know. However, it was seventy me. I did not leave to go to another chat. "

Gone from Erzurum to Edirne in 1959

The left went to Edirne Erzurum. Top with the help of teachers in Edirne Hussein has taken the environment. Enter won the trial, but the military still does not make 6 August 1959, was officially appointed to cure the second Üçşerefeli Mosque. Two and a half years left on a window of the mosque Üçşerefeli.

'My father always wanted me to go out from Erzurum. However every time my mother came from. But my father said was the end. My mother also decided not to go to Edirne by muvafakatını. Hussein had a Top Coach in Edirne. Us was our relatives. See fit to go out with me I was there. Had exceeded 18 years of age. 'Travel Resülallah Ya! " We've also hit the road towards Edirne. When you go to Edirne, the path of the route I went to visit some places. Hussein Ibrahim Efendi Top teachers to me (Edirne Müftü Attorney) took. I have seen some young people that he would have to be tested, he said. I agree. Open a book randomly and can not remember now I did and 'read' he said. This was a canon law books. Movers gave place to read and mana. I go out İbrahim Efendi said. A little later came to my side Hüseyin Efendi out. Went from a positive expression of joy on your face I see. Hüseyin Efendi also mentioned in their talk. İbrahim Efendi's' Young, but has grown himself a good 'word I was very glad to Hüseyin Efendi.

I have two months until a Akmescit'te pray, gave sermons. That was also the month of Ramadan. In that time, I went to Ankara to enter the chaplaincy trial. 15 days until the pattern repeated in Ankara, I went to Edirne. Test results would be clear later. And one day, came a phone call from Ankara to Müftülük Edirne. Search is Mustafa Zeren. 'Niece kissed my eyes do, was win the trial says, left a message. Hüseyin Top still happy. Çarşı market has started to call me. Finally found me, in the middle of the street was tidings, hugged my neck was' Did you win İmtihanın said. I have written a petition to the claimant and Edirne became Müftülük. Diyanet negative response was coming from. 'Do not do your military service you are unable to appoint mufti' called.

Müftülük, a trial held for the vacant places available. This trial was the first. My Rights, Üçşerefeli Cami'e to be imams. But someone else had the backing of Ibrahim Efendi. 'You score more than he had been the military. That's why you'll take to set up equal accept 'he said. Was taken and found the right place to Setup. Been appointed as the second imam Üçşerefeli Cami'e. This is my first start in the office (6 August 1959) to date. Salary of 200 Lira said of the 30 TL 170 TL I gave out. "

'Spiritual breeches' He did

Called the court in Edirne during the two hanging in the 'spiritual breeches' was doing. In the meantime, came to him in marriage proposals. But he did not accept.

'Note that I do not belong to the memories of Edirne in the two executions have made my spiritual breeches.

The first year was 1959. My first year I was in Edirne. Üçşerefeli cure was in the mosque. One day someone came and Gani Bey wants you 'he said. Gani guys were dominating. I gave him some books. First I was worried. And I went along with this concern. Me: 'One has a hanging. I've decided to keep the spiritual Reis. " he said. In fact, a sensitive person. Such a bid, 'Yes,' I say, not possible. However, my earlier concerns, I did not quit in spite of oneself gave a positive answer. You know me and trust said they were calling for.

Signs to be executed in the past, everybody would be doing so publicly. Removed after the revolution were executed in the open. Midnight came and took me. Get in the car and went to prison. Dead man's name Dik'di Rasim. Entered the cell. His hands were bound. I did not attack probably connect.

Now you got famous on the second death were still calling me. Then the name of hanging out as Mehmed'di to yasaklanmıştı.İkinci. Mehmed was a young çehreli very clean. I do not probably will be the killer. They resolved as soon as one sees bond feet. Was paralyzed. We've sat on a couch. I began to explain: 'Mehmed, the situation here. Parliament has confirmed. After that, no other choice. He went to a road and other roads are closed .. 'Abdest want to buy it? I asked. I would say. As for foot strength was disconnected., Like today in my mind. I had them on my conscience. Unable to wash their feet ... I then started to read credo. Read a little, but could not bring back. Words that were deleted from. Search in 'if you give me one more judicial stopple' said. But what will be given judicial stopper. Than one to two weeks to live. Here there was a better understanding of the value of life. Not to be taken to death as if it was me. Despite the passing years as the Search Hicran to remember my experience. Mehmed'e was very painful. They killed a shepherd and his neck was such a label as .. '